10 favorite ladies of trek [7/10]: lily sloane

  • even though lily sloane only appears in one star trek movie, first contact, she makes quite an impression. lily perfectly represents humanity in the mid twenty-first century in the star trek universe: she has survived brutal war that wiped out 600 million people and because of that is well-equipped to defend herself, her community, and the phoenix from what she initially perceives as air attacks by an enemy faction. lily is tough, loyal, smart, and adaptable; but she is also funny, kind, and open-minded. she is faced not only with the truth that there is other life in the universe but that some of that life is hostile, and although she is afraid, she also doesn’t just sit back and let everyone else take care of her. when captain picard decides to stay on the ship to fight the borg when everyone else knows it’s futile, she is the one who convinces him he is acting out of revenge and a personal vendetta instead of for the best interests of the crew. and despite being faced with the borg, lily still stands tall and brave when the vulcan ship lands and real first contact begins for humanity. an aeronautical engineer and close friend of zephram cochrane, lily would have been one of the most important humans on planet earth in the coming days of humanity’s steps toward a better future. we could not have hoped for a better representative.

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