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I would like to make a statement:

I hereby disavow the JJ Reboot, and now consider Star Trek Continues to be the utmost canon. 

The actors are horrible, especially McCoy.

Say what you want about the Abramsverse (I myself am not fond of it as what kids now associate with Star Trek), but Karl Urban as Bones is choice.

I’d be fine with a TOS era fan series as long as it was on a different ship, not unlike Starship Exeter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkuJG1_2MnU

i’ll only say this and never bring it up again:

are the actors in the reboot excellent at portraying the mannerisms of the original characters? of course they are. i would certainly hope that being professionally trained would give you that sort of skill.

there are, obviously, some weak actors in Continues, i’m not going to skirt around that. but these guys have two things the reboot will never have: a Roddenberry universe and a true love for Trek. the purpose of Star Trek has always been to serve as an analogy for sociopolitical issues, and i think these guys are doing an excellent job in carrying that out. I’ve never been a fan of mirror universes in any series, but i thought that Lolani was a  well-done window into the Orion universe (despite the makeup being a bit rough for HD) and Pilgrim of Eternity was absolutely awesome simply because they got Michael Forest to reprise his role as Apollo. they have such attention to detail, in the sets, in the costumes, the lighting. it’s awe-inspiring. they’ve also been adding little tweaks of which i know Roddenberry would’ve approved because he was always disappointed that he wasn’t allowed to do it in his time, like adding more women to the cast, as doctors, as admirals…

now that my work is very deeply entrenched in the comics industry, i find myself looking at a lot of independent projects, going to a lot of conventions. i see a lot of people who are just in the business of being famous, of cashing in on a license because it will sell. the guys that only ever stand out to me are the ones that aren’t in it for the money, the ones who are just happy to be a part of a something they’ve loved their whole lives, and just want to share that with the world.

i think there’s far too much fandom shaming that goes on (not that i’m accusing anyone). i find myself doing it, too. too many of us had the misfortune of growing up in a culture where our passions were discouraged from being shared with the world. now, we get so protective of our fandoms, it’s easier for us to point out all the things wrong with an addition someone tries to make, instead of appreciating the hard work people put into sharing their love of something. i’m not saying we should credit people for skills that they don’t have, but we should certainly love them for loving things because it’s the Roddenberry way, and that’s what makes Continues a truer adaptation.

i’d rather watch Grant Imahara suck at fake crying while loving every second of playing the character that inspired him to pursue his career, than watch John Cho be more stoic than Spock before cashing his million-dollar paycheck and going home. and Chris Doohan playing Scotty?! that’s just heartbreaking in all the right ways.

lasty, unlike other fan productions, Continues is so professionally done, not only have they been in the media channels my industry subscribes to, they’ve actually got the involvement of sci-fi legends Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Jamie frakkin’ Bamber, and Lou Ferrigno. they must be doing something right.

I would like to make a statement:

I hereby disavow the JJ Reboot, and now consider Star Trek Continues to be the utmost canon.